Academic Cooperations

eTeacher Group

The Hebrew University’s Faculty of Humanities and the eTeacher Group have joined forces in order to create the world’s leading accredited online language academy. This unique collaboration has enabled the Hebrew University to bring its world-class academic language programs, including their renowned teachers, to students residing throughout the globe.

Undergirded by state-of-the-art video conferencing technology, all our online interactive lessons are given in real-time at predetermined hours.

The online programs have the same academic requirements as the Hebrew University’s regular courses. In addition, the university awards academic credits to students who learn our remote Biblical Hebrew courses, Aramaic, or Modern Hebrew courses.

eTeacher is also the owner of Highwaytoenglish.comLearn English online – Live from the USA



Yissum Technology Transfer

Yissum is the Hebrew University’s technology transfer company. We are responsible for marketing the inventions and know-how that are generated by the institution’s distinguished researchers and students.

Our Vision
By virtue of our support and encouragement of research, development, and education, Yissum transforms the fruits of scientific enterprise into commercial products for the benefit of greater society. The Hebrew University’s intellectual property consists of inventions and know-how in a variety of fields, including nanotechnology, medicine and pharmacology, agriculture and nutrition, hydro and environmental technologies, computer science, homeland security, and more.


Hebrew College

Hebrew College

Founded in 1921, Hebrew College is dedicated to the principle that rigorous, pluralistic Jewish education is essential to building and sustaining a vibrant Jewish community.

Hebrew College embraces a mission that connects serious academic study of Judaism with the educational needs and challenges of the community. By means of outstanding adult learning and youth education programs, Hebrew College strives to be a modern-day equivalent of Abraham’s tent, with all sides open to anyone who wishes to join our passionate pursuit of Jewish education.

Hebrew College provides its students with the opportunity to take online language courses for academic credit at the Hebrew University’s Online Language Campus.