Biblical Hebrew – Level B

Improve your ability to read the Hebrew Bible.

  • This course is for

    Adult students of all ages (18 and above) who know the Hebrew alphabet, know the basic paradigms of nouns and verbs and can read short texts in prose.


    One academic year.

    Course structure and goals

    The classes focus on reading the Hebrew Bible in its original language. The course builds a solid foundation for the fluent reading of prosaic texts. During the course students acquire a better grasp of the morphology of nouns and verbs, learn more syntactical structures and expand their vocabulary, significantly improving their ability to read the Hebrew Bible. The grammatical topics are learned within the framework of famous biblical stories. The class meets once a week, and the students must complete homework assignments sent by the teacher after every meeting.

    At the end of the course the student will

    • have expanded their vocabulary of Biblical Hebrew words.
    • have a better understanding of Hebrew morphology.
    • know more about the syntactical construction of Hebrew.

    Academic Credit by the Hebrew University

    The Hebrew University, in collaboration with eTeacher, will offer its very first credit online Biblical Hebrew courses to overseas students starting January 2010. In accordance with the University’s academic requirements the program includes obligatory attendance, paper submissions and examinations and will award students 3 credit points.

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  • Great class - getting into some unfamiliar texts, very interesting. meanyen meod

    Krainik Jean, USA