The Faculty of Humanities

The Faculty of Humanities at the Hebrew University is committed to shedding light on civilizations past and present as revealed in language, literature, visual arts and music, theater, material culture, folklore, philosophy, religion, and history. Our academic activity may be divided into four broad areas of emphasis:

  • Jewish culture, from its ancient oriental roots to contemporary manifestations in Israel and the diaspora.
  • The people and cultures of the Middle East, from the first extant signs of mankind on through the region’s rich ancient cultures, the rise of Islam, and the present era.
  • Western civilization, from the Greek Classical period in the Mediterranean basin to the inception of modern Europe and its cultural successors in the New World.
  • Asian culture, primarily the large civilizations of southern and eastern Asia as well as Euro-Asian cultures.

The focal point of our research projects is the development of individual cultural traditions as well as the interactions between and mutual influences of different nations and civilizations on each other.

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The Hebrew University Faculty of Humanities