Frequently Asked Questions

  • What if I need additional assistance with my homework?

    On top of your weekly lesson you also have the following things to help you with your studying:

    Weekly personal session: a personal online meeting with the teacher during which the student can ask questions or seek clarification about the course material.

    A 24/7 Question and Answer forum for students to post inquiries and receive replies about course-related issues.

    Homework checkup: Homework is checked by staff members and returned to the student via email or eTeacher’s LMS (Learning Management System). In some cases, homework answers are also available for download.

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  • How do I sign up to a course?

    To sign up simply fill the signup form and one of our academic advisor will contact you back shortly

    Or call the number provided for your location:

    By phone Toll free number from USA and Canada: 1-800-316-3783
    France: 09 75 17 88 43
    Russia: 8-10-8002-7741012
    Germany: 0800-181-3058
    Brazil: +55-1139583801
    Israel: 03-7554140
    Worldwide: 1-646-200-5822

  • Can I access the lesson through any operating system?

    Yes. eTeacher’s system works on PC or Mac and any operating system. So if you have high-speed internet connection, you are all set. In the need future we will also support all mobile devices including iPod, iPhone and Android OS.

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  • Do I need to be computer-proficient in order to participate in a course?

    Not at all. The system is very easy to use and in any case, you will receive clear written instructions that will guide you how to use the program.

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  • How does a live course work?

    Our teaching method uses a friendly technology of videoconference, which means that you sit at home in front of the computer and see the teacher live on your computer screen.

    You can hear and speak through microphone and speakers and actively participate in class. The course is very interactive.

    Besides interacting with the teacher you will be able to interact with your fellow class mates who will be in the exact same level as you are.

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  • Is it a real live teacher or a virtual teacher?

    The classroom is virtual, the teacher is live. The backbone of eTeacher’s system is our virtual classrooms and real live teachers, teaching in real-time. Lesson content is delivered by voice, video and “shared whiteboard” technology.

    Live video enables the student to see the teacher during the lesson, and the teacher can see every student who has a web cam (optional). Teacher and students speak using the microphones on their PC headsets.

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  • Are classes held on fixed hours or can I choose a different time each week?

    When you sign up, you let us know your preferred time and we do our best to fit you into the time slot of your choice.

    We do not recommend switching classes once the course starts, because that would place you in a different class with a new teacher, and may influence your learning flow.

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