Our Approach to Language Instruction

Cutting-Edge Technology

The Hebrew University Online Campus is grounded on the virtual classroom infrastructure that was, and continues to be, developed by eTeacher. Spanning the entire planet, eTeacher’s communications system ensures a seamless learning experience.
Languages are taught in virtual classes, which are equipped with state-of-the-art video conferencing technology, by certified teachers from the Hebrew University. Students log on from their personal computers with a username and password that they receive upon registering. Interactive real-time lessons are transmitted via audio, video, and ‘shared whiteboard’ applications.

Teaching Method

The bi-directional interaction, or synchronized platform, offers the immediacy, intimacy, and practicality of conventional classrooms, while providing the flexibility and comfort of participating from one’s home or office, half a world away.

Students see the teacher via a webcam and talk with the instructor and classmates using a headset and microphone, both of which are sent to them prior to the first session. The materials for each lesson are presented on the computer screen by means of a multimedia application known as a ‘virtual blackboard.’ The syllabus includes a package of academic content that was developed specifically for online environments.

Most classes consist of small groups of 6 to 8 pupils. Course schedules (dates and hours) are set according to your location, time zone, and personal preferences. Students are encouraged to submit homework online and learn new words before each session. Lastly, eTeacher’s one-on-one tutoring program allows students to advance at a pace that suits their talents and schedule.

Additional Features

In addition to the weekly virtual lessons, and depending on the particular language program, students have access to the following educational tools:

Weekly personal session – a personal online meeting with the teacher. During these weekly meetings, the student can ask questions, seek further elaboration, or comment on the course material.

The Forum – a 24/7 question-and-answer forum for posting inquiries and receiving replies about course-related issues.

Examined homework: Homework is checked by staff members and returned to the pupil via email or eTeacher’s LMS (Learning Management System). The answers to some assignments may be downloaded off of our website.

Textbooks and workbooks: Physical, non-electronic course material and other learning aids are mailed to students soon after registration.

Technical support: A toll-free technical support hotline is available to pupils around the clock.